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I’m Jari Kenttämaa, Massage Therapist (licensed) and Well-being coach in Rovaniemi, Lapland.

I was born in Rovaniemi, a city of the Northern Finland, in the region known as Lapland on 1986. In June 2016, I graduated from Lapland Sport Academy as a sports masseur (licensed). I also have a degree in business (customer service and sales). I have 6 years of customer service and sales experience. I have been a blogger since 2013. My topics are mostly about learning how to live freely when it comes to human relationships, to live with a pure sense of love and a better understanding of each other, through exercising love, compassion and awareness into our everyday perception of life.

Peace can not be kept By force; it can only be achieved By understanding. – Albert Einstein

On the 14th of June 2014,I had a lecture about love and how to be in the presence of others. I happen to love sports, so being an is something that’s part of my routine. From weightlifting, Aikido, snowboarding, hiking, rollerblading, biking and to my latest; break-dancing.

I have some public speaking experience and also I do relationship management and love counseling.

I did pretty well in Weighting competitions where my best success was finish second place in the North Championships contest. I prefer not to get into the chronological details since I consider my time in weight lifting contests as part of my young hood. But just for the sake of it I will say between 2002 & 2005 I had the opportunity to harvest some medals in the Finnish Weight lifting Championships (from bronze, silver to gold). I even manage a silver medal in the Nordic Championship contest…not bad;)


Vocational Qualification in Business
Marketing Communications
Qualification for Masseurs, Sports Massage Therapist2016
BloggerSince 2013
Sport guru since foreverForever

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