Before you come in for your massage, please take the time to get familiar with the prices. Just so you know that, the prices that we are offering are valuable for all the available massages that we are offering. In other words, you can choose between Swedish, Sport andDeep Tissue massage for the same price. We are here to help and we can assure you that we are and will always do our best to offer the best quality massage that there is to offer.

Massage pricingWeekdays
1 person 30 min28€
1 person 45 min40€
1 person 60 min49€
1 person 90 min68€
1 person 120 min80€
Massage pricingWeekend
1 person 30 min33€
1 person 45 min45€
1 person 60 min55€
1 person 90 min70€
1 person 120 min85€
Massage packages
Massage 3 x 60 min135€
Massage 5 x 60 min230€
Massage 3 x 90 min192€

Special treatment for athletes

Sometimes certain sport style requires a competitive preparation or other kind of treatment than massage therapy can provide. Back, neckline treatment or feet and pelvic treatment.

Special treatment for athlete
Special treatment for athlete 30 min30€
Special treatment for athlete 45 min44€
Special treatment for athlete 60 min55€

Well-being coaching

1 person 60 min50€
1 person 90 min65€
2 persons 60 min70€
2 persons 90 min95€
Package deals for Well-Being Services
1 person 5 x 60 min235€ (norm. 250€)
1 person 5 x 90 min315€ (norm. 325€)
2 persons 5 x 60 min290€ (norm. 300€)
2 persons 5 x 90 min410€ (norm. 425€)


Please remember to cancel your appointment if you are unable to attend it.

Your cancellation must be made at least 24 hours before your appointment, if not, we will have to charge you the full amount of the therapy booked. If you have made your payment already, we will then not be able to issue any refund.

Thanks for taking the time to fully read our terms & conditions

The use of your massage package

If you buy a package from us. Feel free to share it with your friends, coworker or family. In other words if you have a 5x60min for example, it could be a different person receiving our treatment in every session comprised in the specific package.