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Well-being Coaching & Consulting

Well-being can be defined as a common well-being. Which can be separated with the different areas of life. Like working environments, relationship matters and free time like hobbies. Sometimes well-being includes a certain attitude on how to respond with the different circumstances that life provides. During our meetings we go through how to plan the goal oriented attitude and clarify the pathway to handle these situations with emotions, interactions and dialogue skills.

Service descriptions

Sports massage

Athlete’s body maintenance are reflecting the athlete’s requirements and the bigger picture is always important. We go through the individual needs and the detailed muscle care.  Muscle groups and muscle alignments are our aim and focus.  spiral shapes of fascia alignments are also relevant to check. The tightness and soreness  can tell a tale of their own. Mainly long goal orientation is the theme during our meetings and massage treatments. It’s always important to check what to do and how to maintain the better quality of these health issues during the upcoming days. With these treatments techniques I will use the trigger point technique and soft mobilising. 

Sports Coaching

During our sports coaching meetings we go through the  needs assessments  and the requirements for example if the need is to provide some supporting exercises for your main sports or league. Training hours, depending on the need, contain  the focus on the isolated muscle groups or the bigger muscle groups and holistic warm up is always relevant. REcovery can be a part of training shortly or we can clarify that as an own area more deeply. 

Special treatment for the athlete

Special treatment includes certain different things than sports massage provides. Sometimes athletes may need different kinds of preparation, support or mental strength during the competitions or before and after the big happenings.  Mental challenges can be frustrating. So, during these special treatments we can go through how to handle the mental stress. Systematically- with the various methods that we can build during our meetings To suit the athletes practices and every day of living.   Goal oriented support can be a relevant issue as well from the time to time to get the focus back on the right issues and concerns. Mainly to get back on track  once again, sort of speaking.

Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching  contains different areas. 

Emotional balance, Thoughts- and belief patterns. Interaction and dialogue skills. Let’s not forget the presentation skills, either.

Emotional balance is the one of the key factors to understand the workable interaction skills very well. . Working with the Thought and belief patterns, can provide understanding to shape our concepts and understanding with our behaviour.  More sustainable choices can be a much more relevant approach in our everyday lives from the positive aspects for example.  Training with the interactions skills may clarify our understanding about others, much more clarifying and help to interact much more effectively.